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  1. Our version available from the Apple iTunes store –

    1 point for every yellow car – yell Spotto
    5 points for every pink car – yell Pinko
    Police car – get your opponent locked in jail for 3 minutes or you need to Spotto an ambulance
    Ambulance – gets you out of jail if you are locked in
    Fire truck – burn all your opponents points back to zero.

    At the end of the car ride – see who the winner is with the most points.

    • See Yellow cars- Yell “spotto”- 1 point
      See Motorbike- Yell “motorbike” – 10 points
      See a yellow motorbike- Yell “spottobike” – 30 points
      See a motorbike with 2 people- Yell “motorbike 2 people” – 20 points
      See police, ambulance or fire engine- has to have a driver present- Yell “Police car”-or “Ambulance” or “Fire engine”- 50 points
      See a dog- Yell “woof”- 20 points
      At least one other person has to see the car etc for the points to be valid.
      Game ends when the car stops at its destination. My kids love it!!

  2. 1: Yell spotto for every yellow car you see

    2: If you get a double you double all your points

    3: The other person has to be able to see the yellow car

    Have fun and Rember yell SPOTTO

  3. My rules of spotto
    Yellow car- Yell Spotto
    Green car -Yell minus blue, Spotto
    Orange car- Yell minus red , Spotto
    Double points for two yellow cars together
    Triple points if you see three yellow cars together, and it goes on
    Spotto is ment to be about YELLOW cars not others (green and orange are exceptions because they still have yellow in them!!!!)

  4. I play spotto with the kids and missus everywhere we go.

    The RULES:
    Yell Spotto If You See A Yellow Car/Truck/Van/Utility, NO trucks.
    You yell spotto and its not yellow, you get locked out for the next spotto.
    Can’t yell spotto at cars that are not on road. eg Car yards, shopping
    centres, wreckers or other parked cars. Must have driver visible.
    Breaking the above rule will also get you locked out.
    More than one person may get locked out at one time.
    One point per spot to make it easier to count up.
    Double points if you spot a very rare Punch Buggy Spotto.

    Have Fun !!!

  5. yellow car – “spotto” 1 point
    pink car – “flamingo” 5 points
    anything military – “camo” – 5 points
    emergency services – “triple 0” 5 points
    broken down car/accident – “uh oh” 5 points
    black car with white stripe – “oreo” ends the game for the day
    white car pink stripe – “vovo” ends the game for the day

    optional add ins
    orange car – “nacho” 5 points
    orange car with white stripe – “nemo” 5 points
    car with at least 3 colours – “rainbow” 5 points
    limousine – “limo” 5 points

  6. These are our rules:

    When you see a yellow car, yell “SPOTTO!” and punch your opponent in the arm. There are no point systems, just sore arms. And STATIONARY CARS DO COUNT!! I have so many bruises from this game XD

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